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The Gadgetzan Gazette - Vol. 32 #8

BlizzCon Schedule Updated
The BlizzCon schedule was recently updated to add panels from the Community Amphitheater and list the stages that won't be on the stream.

Karazhan - Summoning Nightbane
A community member shared the steps required to summon Nightbane, but asked to remain unnamed.

BlizzCon Merchandise Giveaway

"Weird Al" Yankovic Live at BlizzCon 2016!

October 27, 2016

Oct 26 Hotfixes, Blue Posts, BlizzCon Arena, BlizzCon Contest Host, WoW Traveler Book

BlizzCon Merchandise Giveaway
Blizzard sent us some of the BlizzCon merchandise to give away! All of these items and many more are available on the Blizzard Gear store. You will need a BlizzCon ticket or Virtual Ticket to purchase these items.

Kosumoth: The US has the Hungering Claw once again for the next two weeks.

World Boss - Drugon the Frostblood
Drugon the Frostblood is up this week, rewarding players with gold and a chance at item level 860 loot.

Find Your Friends Faster with Quick Join in Patch 7.1

October 24, 2016

Patch 7.1 Live This Week
Patch 7.1 goes live this week! It brings the Karazhan dungeon, Trial of Valor raid, a continuation of the Suramar story, new pets, mounts, achievements and much more! Keep in mind that Trial of Valor will not be open for another two weeks.

Karazhan - Mythic Dungeon
We will Return to Karazhan in Patch 7.1! An updated version of Karazhan with some new encounters has been added as a Mythic dungeon. Don't worry though, the old version of Karazhan is sticking around so you can keep trying for Fiery Warhorse's Reins.


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